about me

Mom. Wife. Daughter. Travel. Animals. Vege. Crossfit. Snowboarding. Surfing. Reportage. Literature. Film. Live music. Music in my head. Countryside. Water – my element. Laughter. Love. Emotions. Mountains. Ecology. Light. Darkness. Family. Relationship. I was shaped by all of these. The way I perceive the world, how I take pictures comes from the values I believe in and which are prior to others. My priorities. Who I am, what stories I tell, how I interpret colours , come from my experience. What has shaped me as a person. Childhood in the countryside. Happy family. Full acceptance and support. My education. Travelling around the world. Single and with friends. With a backpack across Asia, Europe, the Caribbean. Empathy, sensibility towards others. My intuition and  sympathy make me skillful to tell a story.

My greatest inspiration is my baby daughter. Children are capable of observing the world in a different way than adults do. They can question the world. They are constantly surprised. They are creative and genuine. I try to discover my inner child by watching her.

The fact that she appeared in my life has totally changed it. The whole world stopped for a moment and then started spinning again but at a different speed. In a different Universe. Now it is rotating around her. I feel strongly touched when I look at her. She makes me see the tiniest wind blow in her hair, a sun rye on her cheek, a raindrop on her lash and the warmth of a touch though the skin hasn’t been touched yet.

This is my world. This is the way I perceive it. This is the world that is constantly shaping me. This is the world I believe in. I provide hospitality to people not service.