It feels as my romance with photography has lasted ever since I can remember. It was however, my lonely adventures around the world that pushed me to buy my first professional camera. Although my initial attempts to capture the world around me were purely amateur, I still remember the deep feeling of satisfaction associated with my first steps into this exciting world of photography.

It was the birth of my daughter and the inner need to capture every single moment of her life, that inspired me to return to the great world of photography.


I am a photographer who loves taking pictures of true emotions. And there is no better place to capture emotions than weddings. Filled with joy, love and tears of happiness, wedding photography is really close to my heart. And I love capturing all those emotions while sneaking around with my camera and waiting for the perfect moments. This approach also really aligns with my interest and desires to lifestyle and street photography.


And when I’m not taking pictures at weddings, I ensconce myself in my studio, looking deep inside my soul to discover new sensitivities, inspiring me to create portraits. And most of my portraits are dark and mysterious with the occasional flash of colours, all depending on the melody of my heart.


I hope this photography romance of mine continues because I know that my passion for it, is everlasting.

Although I live in Poland, I have travelled around and am always open to new adventures. If you like what I create, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can’t wait to capture your best memories, wherever in the world you are. See you soon!